Kronos Benefits

Kronos is a dedicated team of 10 crypto professionals, eager and fully motivated to improve the decentralized finance system. A fully doxed “Think Tank” with KYC credentials working diligently to produce quality products and services for projects while providing safe and lucrative investment opportunities for Investors. Kronos Sale is a product developed as a pre-sale launchpad that includes an Escrow Lock with job boards, a Spartan Liquidity Locker, Lightning Reviews, and a full range of exceptional marketing and audit services all designed with security, transparency and investors in mind. Directly after the release of our launchpad, the Kronos (KRO) token public presale begins which will provide your first peek into the Kronos EcoSystem. There are many ways to invest and earn within the Kronos EcoSystem.
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    Holding $KRO will pay you back in reflections. The more volume the more reflection earned.
  2. 2.
    Staking the $KRO token pays you in USDC dividends. These Dividends come from one of Defi’s only sustainable reward systems. Dividends are earned by the profits generated from the revenues of the Presales Launchpad, platform tools and all other marketing and audit services. You earn when the team earns.
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    Staking the $KRO NFT pays you in USDC dividends as well, but the potential to earn much higher dividends by staking extremely rare NFTs. Rarity plays a big part in the different rates with some NFTs paying up to 4% of USDC Dividends. Stacking NFT provides an even higher return with the potential to stack up to 5 NFTs. See GitBook for Details
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    The final way we pay you dividends is thru the treasury of all Kronos “ThinkTank” branded and managed projects. By staking $KRO you’ll earn from other projects potentially earning huge dividends depending on other project's success. The Kronos Think Tank has a variety of unique applications lined up and ready for launch directly after $KRO. The ThinkTank will have Node projects, staking, rebases, NFT, and even project Token with real-world Utility.
Kronos provides 4 easy ways to collect a respectable passive income for many years. The Kronos community will thrive through dividends, reflections, rewards, private sales, whitelist opportunities, community events, and full access to AMAs only provided by the Kronos Team and its partners. Investing with Kronos provides a future within an ever-growing Ecosystem of projects, opportunities, and increased rewards.
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